Reusable containers, packaging and custom products

Reusable polypropylene or polyethylene containers and custom products are ideal for food, packaging and automotive applications. They are perfect for reducing the environmental impact and being used in circular economy because they can be reused several times, washed in the dishwasher and durable compared to single-use products.

  • Insulation

  • Structural

  • Light

Food Industries

Thanks to their insulating and structural properties, reusable food containers are the perfect solution for transporting prepared menus, fish, meat and perishable products. The containers can be perfectly adapted for food sensitive to temperature variations and for long-distance transport.

  • Standard and custom products.
  • Different colors available.

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Standard products for the transportation of perishable goods

Fish, seafood, meats, cold cuts, fruits, vegetables and other perishable goods freshly picked or even frozen are protected against thermal and mechanical shocks.


The expanded polypropylene molded parts are precise and can be integrated with precision with each other or with other pieces made of different materials.

Recreational market

Expanded polypropylene and polyethylene are ideal materials for the recreational market. They are integrated in many ways in recreational equipment. Their feather weight combined with their strength and resilience are perfect for innovative and protective applications.

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